Welcome to the School of Performing Arts

The Prentyford School of Performing Arts enables learning experiences and offering an online university degree in areas of performing arts, media, and Music in particular and provides demanding and effectual specialist and artistic education programs and training for exciting careers in the arts and connected industries.

With single major, Prentyford School of Performing Arts offers degree, diploma and certificate program. School of Performing Arts keeps updating the new majors that become current in the field.

The School of Performing arts offers training and preparation in a range of fields for artists, musicians, music business professionals, and other occupations Opportunities in various fields of media, production, broadcasting and even the internet, allowing students to benefit from a rewarding career. The music industry is frequently associated with media and technology industries, which may suggest options in advertising and marketing divisions. The demand for entertainment, production, and media is soaring in these key areas, and performing art graduates can enjoy the most promising careers.

The Prentyford School of Performing Arts is the best place to earn an online degree for students interested in various fields of performing arts as a successful career as a dancer or dance director, musician or music director and many others. The graduates that come out as specialized musicians can be employed by a range of parties, including ballet troupes, companies, professional orchestras, opera or just working as independent contractors for events. The majors offered by this school are highly sought after in the industry with steady and healthy job prospects for new graduates.


This field of Performing Arts offers lucrative career opportunities with an ever growing demand for new graduates in the industry. Selecting majors and/or faculty at the time of admission is not necessary. You may apply for your desired program and select your major later. You can also select and/or change your faculty at any time during the course of study However, if you are interested in choosing a particular major or faculty member, you may select from the list below


Following are the majors being offered at the school of Performing Arts


  • Music