Prentyford University is a highly renowned university for Business, Engineering, Social Science and Nursing degrees along with other renowned and exclusive degrees. We have been known for imparting education to dazzling, youthful and elderly students for a long time now.

We strive to provide online education at an affordable price to those who enroll with us. We have removed all cultural and geographical barriers through our education format and students around the globe find Prentyford University to be an affordable way of earning an online education. We have devised financing methods and strategies for students who want to complete their degree at a faster pace than usual. In addition, our scholarship programs will enable students to further reduce the burden on their bank accounts.

A number of options are available for students to avail such as credit transfer facility and flexible fee imbursement alternatives.



  • Step 1

    Apply Now Form
    Fill out the application form available online on the website and provide all the
    relevant information that is needed to proceed further.

  • Step 2

    Email Notification
    Once you are done with the form filling procedure, you will be notified
    through email that your credentials have been received.

  • Step 3

    Remaining Admission Requirements
    You will have to express whether you want to be a part of the usual or
    accelerated program, depending on which more information will be provided to you.

  • Step 4

    Mention Your Course Details
    Let us know which programs are you interested in, browse the list of
    majors offered and choose your desired subject.

  • Step 5

    Tuition Fees
    Pay your tuition fees online and get started with your online degree program,
    get access to the exclusive student area and start discovering endless possibilities.

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Please Note:
Students applying to Prentyford University must submit all required academic documents beforehand as per course requirement.

Admissions Officers

Our Admissions Officers are available to answer your questions and offer the individual support you require to make the best decision about continuing your studies at Prentyford University. Our Admissions Officers will also guide you about what you can expect from us and how you can achieve the best results during your time here.