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Egypt Partner

We have an exclusive partner in Egypt
Name:      Makan Academy
Address: 18 Montser TowersNile Corniche
the Hadauq Helwan

Website: http://makana.academy
E-mail :   info@makan.academy

Tel:            01099757565 -01224107353


Education Paradigms

At Prentyford, community of learners are engaged in an ongoing effort to achieve distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge. Prentyford University is the one of the leading online institutions providing self paced distance learning programs in industry preferred concentrations to an ever growing population of online learners around the world.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]
Why Prentyford?

More than 160 degree programs
America’s largest, recognized & accredited university
Lowest tuition rates among top online universities

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Explore our divisions that help you develop skills to enhance your career

Business & Management
Health Sciences
Computer Sciences
Criminal Justice
Applied Arts
Social Services

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A World-Class Education Is Now Within Reach

A world-class education is within reach, wherever you are

Prentyford University has changed the world with pioneering research, academic innovation, and internationally renowned faculty.

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Comprehensive Range of Programs
Choose from Prentyford’s accredited & globally recognized Degree, Diploma or Certificate programs to match your professional background.

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Pocket Friendly Education
Prentyford’s low-cost education fits most budgets. But if it doesn’t, you can reduce your tuition further via various financial aid options.

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Accredited & Recognized
All of Prentyford’s professional programs are accredited by IACOEI, a globally renowned higher education accreditation body.

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