Welcome to the School of Psychology

Prentyford School of Psychology offers understanding of various roles and functions in individual and social behavior, while it also explains the underlying physiological and neurological processes through its online accredited degrees programs.

With 5 different majors, Prentyford School of Psychology offers degree, diploma and certificate program. Keeping in mind the ongoing changes and development made in field of psychology, the School of Psychology keeps updating the new majors that have become current in the field.

An online degree program in psychology can be helpful for students who concentrate in a particular industry or field and further their education subsequent to completing psychology school. On the other hand, pursuing a psychology online degree can be the best way to complete training that is generally available through the mainstream psychology colleges.

Furthermore, Psychologists who complete a master’s and doctoral education experience the most promising opportunities, which includes opening up their own private practice. Online degrees in psychology offer advanced education in these areas. A doctoral online degree is required for employment as an independent licensed clinical or counseling psychologist in about every state.

The Prentyford School of Psychology includes many sub-fields of study and applications concerned with sub- areas such as human development, sports, health, industry, media, and law. addresses diverse areas of study for Psychology students including Abnormal psychology, Cognitive psychology, Comparative psychology, Counseling psychology, Clinical psychology, Critical psychology, Developmental psychology, Educational psychology, Evolutionary psychology, Forensic psychology, Health psychology, Industrial/organizational psychology, Legal psychology, Personality psychology, Quantitative psychology, Social psychology, School psychology. The Prentyford School of Psychology On line Degrees are for those seeking Foundation, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral programs, Professional Certificates, undergraduate, or Continuing Education credits in clinical, counseling, school, industrial organizational, developmental, experimental research, forensic, social, sports psychology and other areas. The industry for this field of education offers lucrative career opportunities with an ever growing demand for new graduates in the industry.


This field of Psychology offers lucrative career opportunities with an ever growing demand for new graduates in the industry. Selecting majors and/or faculty at the time of admission is not necessary. You may apply for your desired program and select your major later. You can also select and/or change your faculty at any time during the course of study However, if you are interested in choosing a particular major or faculty member, you may select from the list below


Following are the majors being offered at the school of Psychology


  • General psychology
  • Counseling psychology
  • Organizational psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Educational psychology