Welcome to the School of Engineering

The Prentyford School of Engineering capitalizes on certain resources that could only be integrated by a technological university into graduate education. Earn your accredited online university degree, from the Prentyford School of Engineering which offer associate, bachelor, and master degrees. By getting online graduate degrees from the Prentyford School of Engineering you will be getting the best opportunity in starting a prosperous career in the field of engineering by becoming a certified engineer in the fields of Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and other disciplines like Industrial Engineering.

With 5 different majors, Prentyford School of Engineering offers degree, diploma and certificate program. Keeping in mind the ongoing changes and development made in field of engineering, the school keeps updating the new majors that have become current in the field.

An engineering degree presents a rigorous course of study for entry-level positions as an engineer, but added options are on hand for specialized studies at both the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. Currently expert engineers are in high demand across a diverse set of industries that includes environmental companies, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, and working within various civil and industrial sphere. From initiating designs to problem solving, engineers work on a range of industrial, technical and development projects.

Distance learning programs offered by Prentyford School of Engineering is a valuable opportunity for students who may perhaps not be able to attend an on-site engineering school or university. Earning an engineering online degree offers a flexible schedule for students who may already be working, or need to complete their studies from a distant location. In the majority cases, the typical 4 year curriculum is available, but numerous engineering distance learning programs also present rigorous 2 year programs in addition to advanced studies. Completing an online degree in engineering is a valuable way to complete an engineering education. The majors offered by this school are highly sought after in the industry with steady and healthy job prospects for new graduates.


This field of Engineering offers lucrative career opportunities with an ever growing demand for new graduates in the industry. Selecting majors and/or faculty at the time of admission is not necessary. You may apply for your desired program and select your major later. You can also select and/or change your faculty at any time during the course of study However, if you are interested in choosing a particular major or faculty member, you may select from the list below


Following are the majors being offered at the school of Engineering


  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering